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Compuscan Consumer Profile

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A Consumer Profile is an overview of an individual in regard to credit and credit history.  Credit grantors use this information to help them assess the risk involved in granting credit.

A search can be performed by providing a surname, forename, ID number and gender.

A Consumer Profile search result contains information such as:
Consumer identification information
Information about the  consumer, ID verification, other possible matches, addresses, contact and past employment details.
Judgments on file
All information pertaining to the judgment such as the court where it was granted, the attorney responsible, the date on which it was issued, the amount for which the judgment was granted and the reason for the judgment are stipulated.
Adverse details
Defaults will be included in this section.  All information pertaining to adverse accounts will be shown.  This includes the account type, adverse status, last payment date, instalment amount, current balance, adverse balance and payment history.   Compuscan results are unique as they include microlender defaults when applicable.
Consumer debt counselling information
If the consumer is receiving debt counselling. The National Credit Act states that it is illegal to grant credit to a consumer that is involved with debt counselling.
Debt collections
Indicates whether a consumer has been handed over for collections to debt recovery agents. Details include the collections company details, amount and status.
Administration order
If the consumer applied for an administration order. Details include the case number, order status, application date, administrator details and date granted.
Enquiry history
Details of enquiries made, including type, date and name of the enquirer.

For additional information – visit our Compuscan Consumer Profile Report – Additional Information page.

Compuscan Consumer Profile is a credit bureau search, requiring WinCredit activation to make searches. Please visit our WinCredit Application page for more information.

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