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Compuscan Trace

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Obtain contact information on an individual

Compuscan is a registered credit bureau established in 1994. Compuscan is a full service credit reference bureau that collect, validate, load, verify, house and distribute consumer credit information with a range of services that enables one to minimise risk and maximise profit.


A Compuscan Trace search can be performed to obtain contact details for a specific individual for one of these NCA Prescribed Purposes:

  • Tracing by a Credit Provider/Agent
  • Fraud, Corruption or Theft Investigation
  • Fraud Detection and Fraud Prevention
  • Unclaimed funds distribution

Searches can be performed by providing a first name, surname and ID number as search criteria. A Prescribed Purpose will also be required.

Compuscan Trace search results returns the following information, when available:

Address Information
Address information can return up to 5 addresses (postal and physical) and the date each was captured.
Telephone Information
Telephone information can return up to 5 numbers (home, work and cell) and the date each was captured.
Employer Information
Employer information can return up to 5 employers. Employer information can include the employer name, the subject’s occupation and the date it was captured.
Mortality Status
The mortality status will indicate if the person is deceased. In the event that a person is deceased, the deceased date will be returned.

How to perform a Compuscan Trace search
  1. Select “Compuscan Trace” from the “Person” or “Credit Bureau” offering on the search menu.
  2. Supply required search criteria and select “Next”. You will be prompted to select the appropriate prescribed purpose for performing the search.
  3. Select the Prescribed Purpose from the list provided, then select “Search”. If information exists for the subject, it will be returned.

Compuscan Trace is a credit bureau search, requiring WinCredit activation to make searches. Please visit our WinCredit Application page for more information.

LexisNexis Risk Management (1990/004046/07) is a registered credit bureau (NCRCB26).