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Contact Information

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We can help you find contact details.

A Contact Information search can be performed to get contact details for a specific person (company contact information not available).

Searches are made by supplying a South African ID number as search criteria (only available for SAIDs).

Contact Information search results may return the following information:

Personal information
The personal information returned will include the person’s name, surname, ID number and date of birth.
Contact information
The contact information returned includes a residential and postal address, home and work number, and mobile number, when available from our supplier. The date the information was last updated is also included when available.

How to perform a Contact Information search
  1. Select ‘Contact Information under the ‘Person’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Supply SAID and select ‘Search’ to perform a search on that person.

Note:  For compliance with PoPI and other legislation, this search may not be made for marketing purposes.  There will be a tick box at the time of the search to confirm the search results will not be used for marketing purposes.