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Judgment Document Copy

(excl. VAT)
Per Document

Request a copy of a judgment document and it will be delivered immediately to your desktop!

Judgment document copies can be requested from a Judgment Enquiry result.

The document will be made available immediately and can be retrieved from the Judgment Enquiry result and the Judgment Copies document list which is accessible from the ‘Documents’ menu.

How to request a Judgment Document Copy
  1. Select ‘Judgment Enquiry’ from the ‘Person’ or ‘Credit Bureau’ offering on the search Menu.
  2.  Supply required search criteria and select ‘Search’. If judgments exist, a result will be returned.
  3. Locate the judgement in the result and request the document copy.
  4. The document will be available immediately and can be retrieved from the judgment section on the Judgment Enquiry as well as the ‘Judgment Copies’ list accessible from the ‘Documents’ menu.

Please take note:
  • WinCredit activation is required to perform Judgment Enquiry searches.
  • Individual Judgment Enquiries are charged per judgment returned, not per search.
  • Due to the National Credit Act (NCA), judgments will not be listed where the total amount does not exceed R500 or when a judgment is older than 5 years.

    LexisNexis Risk Management (1990/004046/07) is a registered credit bureau (NCRCB26).