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Lexis WinDeed Notifications

Notifications - keeping you informed, simply and conveniently

Waiting on a document to be delivered or DOTS ADT update? Watching a person/company with WinDeed Alerts, or just submitted a large batch for processing?  We keep you informed of the status of outstanding documents and other key WinDeed statuses while you search!


Previously, you were required to check your email for updates. WinDeed has made it easier and more convenient by notifying you from within WinDeedSearch of the following:

  • Key changes to a director or company’s profile up to 90 days after the initial Director or Company Search was done (SearchInsure)
  • Key changes to property ownership up to 90 days after the initial Deeds Office Person or Property Search was done (SearchInsure)
  • Delivery of SG Diagrams
  • DOTS ADT daily update
  • Completion of Batch Searches
  • Completion of a selection of searches from a list
  • Alerts on persons/companies you are monitoring (WinDeed Alerts)

If you happen to be away from your desk and only have access to email, you will continue to receive your updates and delivery notifications via email.

How does it work?

New and unread notifications will be indicated in the top right-hand corner of the page. Select the icon to show more details.

All notifications are displayed in the left panel of the Notifications page with unread notifications displayed with an orange indicator.

WinDeed provides the following notifications:

Documents – Document Copy and SG Diagram delivery

Searches – SearchInsure updates, completed batch and multiple searches from a list

Alerts – Alerts on persons/companies you’re watching (WinDeed Alerts)

Important – Special and important notifications about your account

Most recent notifications will be displayed first but can be filtered by the notification types noted above.

Select a notification from the list to view the full notification details. Full notification details are displayed to the right of the list of notifications.

Notifications are sent if you are logged in or not. Notifications received while not logged are made available to you when you do log in. In addition to your notification indicator changing when there is a new notification, you will also receive a desktop notification while the site is open and you are logged in.

Notification settings can be updated under Settings – accessible from the Notifications page.