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Automated Valuation

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Get a computer assisted valuation of a property and recent transfers in the immediate area.

The Automated Valuation is a search that provides a computer assisted property valuation.

Using information from various sources including the Deeds Office and Surveyor General, our supplier analyses recent sales in the nearby area, property specific details, and price trends, in order to determine an estimated property valuation.

Property valuations are only available for residential properties. This search can be requested from a Deeds Office Person, Property and Document search result or on it’s own.

An Automated Valuation search result includes:
Property information

The property information section contains important information as it is registered at the Deeds Office. The information includes:

  • Erf/Sectional unit/Farm/Agricultural holding official description
  • Property size
  • Municipality
Owner information

The owner information section includes information from our supplier about the registered owners of the property. Owner information includes:

  • Owner’s full name
  • Identity number or company registration number
  • Percentage share of the property owned by each owner
  • The title deed reference number
Property and Municipal valuation *
The property valuation information includes an estimated value determined using a computer generated statistical model as well as an expected high and low price for the property. If the accuracy of the valuation amount is not reliable, you will receive the option to receive a Comparative sales report at a reduced price.
The municipal valuation information is provided (when available) by the relevant municipality and represents the market value assessed for rates purposes as at the date of valuation.   This data when displayed is the most recent as available from a municipality.
Comparative sales *
Comparative sales are provided in table format detailing the 20 most recent comparable sales including those with an offer to purchase currently being processed.
Bond and Transfer information *
The bond information includes details of bonds taken out by the owner on the property, bond value and institution noted as the bond holder.
The transfer information shows details about the last 3 transfers on the property.
Maps *
Map and aerial imagery, when available.
Amenities *
The list of amenities includes places of interest and convenience closest to the property.
Suburb trends *
Suburb trends show a yearly break down of average house prices and number of sales in a suburb.
* Will be included when available