Bank Account Verification

Need to match a Bank Account with an Account Holder?

Company Search

Looking for information about companies or organisations registered in South Africa including a list of directors?

Compuscan Trace

Are you looking for a person’s contact details?

Contact Information

Do you need contact details for someone?

Deeds Office Person

Want to know what properties are registered to a person, company or trust at the Deeds Office?

Deeds Office Sequestration

Need to see if there is a sequestration lodged at the Deeds Office?

Director Search

Need to see which registered companies an individual is associated with as a Director?

Experian Consumer Profile

Need an additional or alternative source for a Consumer Profile?

Home Affairs ID Verification

An ID Verification search that doesn’t require WinCredit activation

Judgment Enquiry (Inoxico)

Trying to establish if an individual or company has a judgment?

Tenant Profile Network (TPN) Profile

Obtain a tenant profile of an individual or company.

Trace Enquiry (Inoxico)

Need a non-footprinting tracing search to track someone down?

TransUnion Business Profile

Need a reliable source for credit bureau information on a business?

TransUnion Consumer Profile

Need a reliable source for credit bureau data on an individual?

TransUnion ID Verification

Need to verify an ID number?

TransUnion Trace

Need to find someone using TransUnion’s flexible, non footprinting solution?

VAT Number

VAT Number verification

WinDeed Alerts

Monitor individuals, companies and properties and be notified of key changes to their profiles.

WinDeed Spider

Looking for an in-depth property ownership profile on a person or company?

XDS Consumer Profile

An additional Consumer Profile option from XDS

XDS Consumer Trace

A comprehensive tracing solution

XDS Trace

An economical Trace search to assist in tracking down an individual.