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Debit Order Terms and Conditions

I/We the undersigned, hereby authorise LexisNexis Risk Management (Pty) Ltd (the Creditor) and Standard Bank, on the Creditor’s behalf, to debit my/our banking account from time to time with varying amounts, at my/our cost for searches and document copy requests, and to credit the Creditor’s account at Standard Bank, payment being effected on the fifteenth day of each month.
I/We acknowledge that Standard Bank acts merely as the Creditor’s collecting bank and accordingly all disputes regarding the amount or validity of any debit or any other issue in connection with any transaction shall be a matter between the Creditor and me/us, and insofar as it may be necessary to do so, I/we waive any and all claims that I/we may have against Standard Bank.
I/We understand and undertake that the Creditor will receive all amounts without prejudice to its rights. I/We confirm that this debit order authorisation has been signed in terms of the mandates held by my/our bank.