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Deeds Office Property

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Returns ownership and other key information about a property that is registered in the Deeds Office.

The Deeds Office Property Search provides online information from the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform on registered properties at any of the 11 Deeds Offices in South Africa.

Searches are performed by providing the Deeds Office property description or the 21-digit LPI code as search criteria.  A batch search facility is also available and can be accessed from the Deeds Office Property Search input page (unfortunately, the batch facility does not support searching by LPI code).

Search results return the following information:
Property information
The property information returned includes the complete Deeds Office description, LPI code, extent, diagram deed number and local authority.
Owner information
Ownership details are provided (individual and juristic with id or registration number) including percentage of ownership for multiple owners. Also includes are the title deed document number, purchase price, purchase date and registration date.
Deeds Office endorsements are detailed, including interdicts, subdivisions, consolidations and bond details.
Historical ownership of the property is noted, including the owner name, purchase price (when available) and title deed document details.
Note:  When searching by LPI code where the sectional scheme was built on an underlying erf, farm or Agricultural Holidng, a LPI code search will return the underlying property information in the result.

How to perform a Deeds Office Property search
  1. Select ‘Deeds Office Property’ under the ‘Property’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Supply required search criteria and select ‘Search’.
How to perform a Deeds Office Batch Property search
  1. Select ‘Deeds Office Property’ under the ‘Property’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Select the ‘Batch Search’ option on the Deeds Office Property input page.
  3. Supply required search criteria or upload a file. Select ‘Search’.

Deeds Office Property searches are SearchInsured
SearchInsure is a service unique to Lexis WinDeed which will keep an eye on the Property Search for a period of 90 days from the date the search was done. If there are key changes to the property’s ownership within that period, we will let you know. Learn more about WinDeed SearchInsure


If you are not sure of the Deeds Office description to use as search criteria, the Find Utility on the user interface is very helpful.

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform charges for every query to their database. This includes searches with the result of “Not Found” since in many cases, “Not Found” is a meaningful search result.