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Deeds Office Sequestration

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Find out if there is a sequestration on a person or company before lodging!

The Deeds Office Sequestration search advises of a sequestration document registered at the Deeds Office. Many conveyancers find it an invaluable step in the property registration process to check the Deeds Office for a sequestration just before lodging to prevent a delay or rejection.

Search results return the following information:
General information
This section confirms the Deeds Office registry selected, date of the search and the reference.
Person information
This section includes the name, id number or registration number, marital status (when available).If there is no sequestration for the search subject, the following message is displayed, “No information is available for the search criteria supplied.”
This section will display the sequestration document number and document type. A linked search is available to request a copy of the document from the Deeds Office.


How to perform a Deeds Office Sequestration search
  1. Select ‘Deeds Office Sequestration’ under the ‘Person’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Supply required search criteria and select ‘Search’.


The “Golden Rule” of Deeds Office Person searching is “Less is More”. The Deeds Office has a very specific way of capturing data and it may be registered in a different manner to what is expected. It is recommended to put in the least amount of information available and allow Lexis WinDeed to provide a list of possible matches. For assistance in searching to maximise a successful search result, please contact the Lexis WinDeed Support Team at 0861 946 333.

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform charges for every query to their database. This includes searches with the result of “Not Found” since in many cases, “Not Found” is a meaningful search result.