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Director Search

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Provides information about directors or members who are associated with companies or organisations registered in South Africa.

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) database stores information about all registered companies, including details about their directors and auditors.

Lexis WinDeed offers the best Director and Company searches currently available on the market by catering for data capture errors at CIPC. The result is a more comprehensive director report as it makes directorships more transparent by showing other possible matches for the director you searched on.

Searches can be performed by providing a name or ID number. If other possible matches exist, you will be informed with the option to search on them as well. All the information for each other possible match selected will be returned in one consolidated report for your convenience.

To learn more about Lexis WinDeed’s unique solution to director information searching, visit Director and Company Searching page¬†for more information.

Each director searched may return the following information:
General director information
The director information returned will include the director/member’s name, ID number and current status at each organisation he or she is associated with.
The user interface may also list other possible matches for the director, known to WinDeed.
Associated companies
A company profile of each company the director/member is associated with will be returned. The information will include the name, current status, registration number, enterprise type, industry and address information when available.

How to perform a Director search
  1. Select ‘Director’ under the ‘Person’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Supply required search criteria and select ‘Next’. Lexis WinDeed will return a list of results that matches the search criteria provided. Other possible matches will be included in the list if any exist.
  3. Locate the subject on the list and make your search selection. Select ‘Search’ to perform a search on your selection. Note: Each subject selected from the list will incur a cost.

Director searches are SearchInsured
SearchInsure is a service unique to Lexis WinDeed which will keep an eye on the Director for a period of 90 days from the date the search was done. If there are key changes to the director’s profile within that period, we will let you know. Learn more about WinDeed SearchInsure