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Deeds Office Document Copy

(excl. VAT)
Per Document

Request a copy of a registered document at the Deeds Office including title deeds, bond contracts, antenuptial agreements.

Lexis WinDeed saves time and money by providing the ability to request an electronic copy of many documents lodged at the Deeds Office as part of the property registration process.

Deeds Office document copies that have been scanned can be requested from a Deeds Office search result and will be made available for download immediately.

How to request and download a Deeds Office document copy
After completing a successful Deeds Office person, property or document search, a ‘Deeds Office Document Copy Request’ option will be available in the appropriate sections on the search result.
To request:
  1. Select ‘Request’ in the linked search section to initiate the process. A confirmation dialog will appear.
  2. Confirm the request by selecting ‘I accept’ on the confirmation.
Scanned documents will be delivered immediately and made available for download via  the user interface. Documents are available for download in PDF and TIFF format, also from the ‘Documents’ tab.
Alternatively, click on the download links provided in the user interface or the email notification.  There are times when a technical issue or delay is encountered at the Deeds Office at the time of a request.  In this case, you will receive an email to advise the request will go through again and may be available at a later stage.
Please note: All document copies are delivered from the Deeds Office. If there is an error on the document or you received the wrong document, please contact the Lexis WinDeed Admin team at windeed.admin@lexisnexis.co.za.

Document backorder option when the Deeds Office is unavailable for processing/delivery document copies

When the Deeds Office document copy functionality is offline at the time of your request, you have the option to put your document on ‘backorder’ until a given date/time (which will be noted on the user interface).  We’ll monitor the service and if the Deeds Office is available again during that time, we’ll deliver your document automatically (when available).

For more information on this functionality, click here.

Text Version of the Deeds Office Document Copy

A text version of the document is also available through Lexis WinDeed at no charge. The text version makes it easier for you to “copy and paste” extracts from a title deed into a new document.

The text version can be requested after the Deeds Office Document Copy is available for download.  Go to the Documents tab on search.windeed.co.za and click Request link for that specific document in the Text Copy column.