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The Find Utility

A useful tool for confirming property information prior to performing a search

The Find Utility is a useful tool for confirming township names, Farm numbers, and Sectional Scheme numbers. It can also be used to determine a property type. For example, it could help you determine whether a property is a Farm or an Agricultural Holding.
Using the Find Utility to confirm your search criteria before making a search could help improve your search results.
Note: The Find Utility can be used free of charge.

The Find Utility can be accessed when requesting a WinDeed Property Report or making a Deeds Office Property Search. To use the Find Utility, click the link in the Deeds Office Property Search window. In the new window that opens you will need to:
1.  Select the Deeds Offices you want to search.
Tip: You can search multiple Deeds Offices. If you’re not sure which Deeds Office the property or township falls under, select the All check box.
2.  Specify what you are searching for.
Tip: If you’re not sure what type of property it is, select the All check box.
3.  Specify your search criteria.
Tip: Search criteria is optional. However, it is recommended that you provide as much information as you have.
4.  Click the Find button.
5.  Click the Select link next to the correct result to import it into your search criteria.

Note: If you search for a Sectional Scheme or Farm, an additional text box will appear which enables you to specify the scheme or farm number you’re searching for.