There is a data format change taking place that the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC, formerly CIPRO) will be adopting in line with the new Companies Act. When implemented, this change will affect search results and the input required to make a CIPC search with WinDeed.  The registration number of the company will change from YYYY/NNNNNN//TT to LYYYY/NNNNNN/TT with L being one of the following:

  • B – Close Corporation
  • M – Company (Registered according to old Company Act)
  • K – Company (Registered according to new 2008 Company Act)
  • C – Co-Operative

WinDeed is making changes to accommodate this updated format. Until further notice, please continue to use the old format for searching on companies by registration number.  In the next few weeks, we will advise when the new registration numbers will appear in search results and when searches can be made with the updated format.

For assistance making searches, please contact the WinDeed Customer Service Centre on 0861-WINDEED (0861 946 333).