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Surveyor-General Diagrams

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Request computerised images of diagrams, general plans and sectional title plans held at the Surveyor-General Office.

The office of the Surveyor General (SG) holds the computerised images of diagrams, general plans and sectional title plans.

SG Diagrams can be requested from a Deeds Office search result. The document will be made available as soon as it is delivered by the SG Office – this normally takes a few days.

How to request a SG diagram
After completing a successful Deeds Office search, if diagrams of a property can be requested from the SG Office, a ‘SG Diagram Request’ option will be available in the appropriate sections on the search result.
To request:
  1. Select ‘Request’ to initiate the process. A confirmation dialog will appear.
  2. Confirm the request by selecting ‘Yes’ on the confirmation.
The status of your document can be viewed on the Surveyor-General Diagrams list that is accessible from the ‘Documents’ menu. Once delivered, WinDeed will send you a notification email informing you that the document is ready for download.
To download:
  1. Open the Surveyor-General Diagrams list accessible from the ‘Documents’ menu.
  2. Locate the image document in the list and download a copy. Documents are available for download in PDF and TIFF format.
Alternatively, click on the download links provided in the email notification sent.

SG Diagrams can be requested at www.windeedsearch.co.za.