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Tenant Profile Network (TPN) Profile

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Obtain a tenant profile of an individual or company.

TPN Logo TPN is a registered credit bureau established in 2000 and is also registered with the Credit Bureau Association. TPN data is based on a network of over 5000 property managers, estate agents and landlords from all corners of South Africa, providing the most comprehensive and up to date information on tenants.

TPN Enquiry is a credit bureau search which will benefit anyone looking for the tenant profile of an individual or company. The report facilitates the identification of risk of a potential tenant by reviewing contact details, defaults and any notices from past leases.

A search can be performed by providing a company name/registration or person name, ID number and postal details.

The report will return a detailed tenant lease history that includes the lease amount, date and duration of lease, agency details, and contact number of the tenant at the time of the lease.

Tenant Profile Network Report Content

TPN Enquiry is a credit bureau search, requiring WinCredit activation to make searches. Please visit the Lexis WinDeed website for WinCredit registration requirements.

LexisNexis Risk Management (1990/004046/07) is a registered credit bureau (NCRCB26).

TheĀ TPN Enquiry search is available on www.windeedsearch.co.za. To perform a TPN Enquiry search, select ‘TPN Enquiry’ under the ‘Person’ offering on the search Menu.