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Per Transfer Line

Get details of property transfers for an area over any specified time frame.

Lexis WinDeed provides access to transfer data of all properties in South Africa since 2002.

Transfer data may be requested for specified townships, municipalities, suburbs, registration divisions or agricultural holdings, for a specified period (capture, sales or transfer date).

A transfer result contains street address, registration date, purchase date, purchase price, property extent, title deed, property description, one owner, one buyer, bonds and consolidation information.

How to request transfer data
  1. Select ‘Transfer’ from the ‘Property’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Supply required search criteria and select ‘Search’.
  3. Confirm the request by selecting ‘Yes’ on the confirmation dialog that follows. A list of transfer records will be returned.

Note: Transfers are available by sale, registration and capture date. We recommend choosing “Capture Date”, but if you need assistance, contact the Lexis WinDeed Support Team for assistance.