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TransUnion Business Profile

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A business profile is a review of an organisation’s profile on the payment of its financial obligations to credit grantors such as retailers, banks and other finance companies. Credit grantors use this information to help them assess the risk involved in granting credit.

A search can be performed by supplying a company name, registration, DUNS or IT number as search input.

A business profile is comprised of modules. When you perform a search, you will be prompted to select modules. Your result will be determined by the modules you have selected.

A TransUnion Business Profile search may include the following information:

Statutory detail
Provides information that identifies the subject enquired on as held by the registrar, or in case of a non-registered entity, obtained by TransUnion from an alternative source. It is advised that this module be taken with all other modules as it forms the foundation of any enquiry or report.
Subject default
Information assisting in assessing a credit profile. It is indicative of the payment habits of the business. This module should be used in conjunction with other modules in instances of high risk exposure. If used as a stand-alone module it is recommended for assessment of small/low risk exposure.
Enquiry history
Details concerning the enquiries previously recorded against a business you are investigating. This module enables you to assess how credit active a business is. It could indicate that a business is actively looking for new suppliers or that they are expanding their business. This module should form part of any other module or grouping of modules selected.
Dynamic rating
Intensive research was conducted to establish the warning signs associated with risk and business failure. Twenty one elements of information were identified and scientifically weighted according to their degree of significance.  These elements were incorporated into a scorecard scoring system for Dynamic Rating.
Principal detail
Principal detail provides biographical Information on the principals of a business together with default indicators. It is of paramount importance that the principal, as reflected on the credit application, be confirmed by and compared to the information held on the TransUnion database. The default indicators provide an excellent alert as to whether further information need be acquired on the principal. These modules should always be selected in conjunction with Statutory Detail and Principal Default.
Bank on file
Supplies details of bank codes previously obtained on a business. A trend in terms of bank codes can be established. The stability of bank accounts and any changes can be assessed by selecting this module. A must with any form of credit assessment, whether low or high-risk exposure is concerned this module should be selected with most other modules.
Trade on file
Previously recorded trade references as well as electronic trade information (where available) is contained in this module. Trade reference history can indicate trends in the payment conduct of a business. Its ability and or willingness to honour its debts can be assessed from this information. The referee details supplied allow for further investigation and enquiry if so required. As a stand-alone module it should only be used in low risk exposure assessments. It combines well with all other modules to provide an in-depth reflection on a business’s activities.
Deeds on file
Display of all property, bonds and notarial bonds registered in the name of a principal or business. The information is available only when a Deeds Search was previously requested. This is a definite requirement when the principals of the business are required to sign personal surety. It provides an indication of the value and availability of security and or personal worth. This module is useful both as a stand-alone enquiry as well as in combination with any other modules.
Scan on file
The Scan on File module returns a report that provides the most important and essential information to aid in your credit decision-making process. The report is comprehensive and contains known statutory information, standard civil court details, principal information, enquiry details, as well as bank, trade and deeds information. This report can be requested for both registered and non-registered entities.
Scan on file with SME assessment
This module returns the same data as the Scan on File module, as well as the SME Assessment. The SME Assessment Module is a scorecard based Risk Management tool for the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) environment.If you chose SME Assessment and the company is large, you may receive a Dynamic Rating instead of an SME Assessment.
If the consumer is receiving debt counselling, details on the debt counselling will be returned.

TransUnion Business Profile is a credit bureau search, requiring WinCredit activation to make searches.

LexisNexis Risk Management (1990/004046/07) is a registered credit bureau (NCRCB26).