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TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry

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The TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry offers a vehicle report which provides specifications and valuation information on a specific motor vehicle (data on motor bikes not available).

Searches can be performed by providing a licence plate number, VIN number or registration number as well as a vehicle registration year.  For an adjusted retail and trade price, the vehicle mileage and condition can also be supplied.

A vehicle search result may return the following information:

General Information
This includes the VIN number, Mead and McGrouther code, engine number, manufacturer, year manufactured, make and model, derivative, colour.
Specification Information
This includes cylinders, CC, axle, number of doors, wheel base, tyre size.  The list of specifications returned are vehicle specific and may vary.
Valuation Information
The valuation information should include the price when new, and used vehicle retail and trade price. The retail and trade mileage adjustment values will only be available if mileage and condition were supplied when the report was requested. Where available, possible extras (such as mag wheels and leather interior) that can affect the valuation will be returned. The list of extras will vary.

How to perform a TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry search
  1. Select ‘TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry’ under the ‘Vehicle’ offering on the Search Menu.
  2. Supply required search criteria and select ‘Search’. A result will be returned that matches the search criteria.