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The Trust Search confirms registered trusts (with or without trustees) that have been captured at the Masters Office.

What is a Trust?

A Trust is a legal entity that is able to own property and other assets. It is a legal agreement that stipulates how assets are going to be managed and distributed.

There are two types of trust:

(a)   an inter- vivos trust is created between living persons;
(b)   a testamentary trust derives from a valid will of a deceased.

The Trust Property Control Act no 57/1988 is provisioned to administer trusts.

How to perform a Trust Search
  1. Select “Trust” under the ‘Person’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Supply required search criteria by entering the Trust Name or Trust File Number (or both).

Note: A trust search result can return information detailing the associated trustees if it has been registered as such. However a valid trust can be registered with no trustees.