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Vehicle Search – Person Vehicle Ownership Report

(excl. VAT)
Per Search

Need to know all vehicles registered for an individual or organisation?

LexisWinDeed provides registered vehicle information a restricted basis for the following reasons:

  1. Business purposes – Fleet management
  2. Fraud detection
  3. Fraud prevention
  4. Fraud investigation
  5. Criminal / Civil case/ Estate
  6. Financial / Auditor

Performing a Search
The input for this search is the name and SAID number for an individual or the company name and registration number for a company.
Please note that searches take a few days to process and return a result.

Outstanding Search Requests
Vehicle searches requested which are pending a response can be viewed from the Vehicle Searches Requested page accessible from the Vehicle menu. This view shows all outstanding search requests and recently delivered reports.  Search requests pending a response will have a status of “Pending”.  Delivered reports will be marked as “View”.

Delivered Reports
An email and Lexis WinDeed Notification is sent once the request has been completed and the report has been delivered and is ready for viewing. Vehicle notifications can be accessed from the Notifications section. Delivered reports are accessible from Vehicle Searches Requested page for 30 days.  All delivered search results are available from the All Results.

Notes: Vehicle reports requested and delivered can only be viewed by the individual who requested the report.  They are not available to other registered users on the WinDeed account.  There are no cancellations accepted after the search request is sent through for processing

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