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WinDeed Database Enriched Reports

The Deeds Office is a government entity which forms part of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, responsible for the registration, management and maintenance of the property registry of South Africa. It is the ultimate authority on land ownership in the country, and as such, maintains a database that is continually updated in real time. A live Lexis WinDeed Deeds Office Search directly accesses this database and is, therefore, as up-to-date as the Deeds Office itself.
The Deeds Office offers various technical channels for WinDeed to obtain live information.  There are circumstances when a specific channel does not return all the information you would typically expect.  For example, a Deeds Office Property Search by LPI code does not return all the information provided in a search by the official property description.
Report fields not supported in a property search by LPI code as the search criteria:
  • Property extent
  • Type of owner
  • Indicator for multiple owners registered
  • Indicator for multiple properties registered
Note: A Deeds Office Property Search using the official property description as the input returns all these data segments when available at the Deeds Office.
To ensure that a Deeds Office Property Search result  using the LPI code as input is as comprehensive as one using the property’s official description, Lexis WinDeed enriches the result with data from the WinDeed Database. Data obtained from the WinDeed Database is clearly indicated with a double *, accompanied by a note in the header section of the report.
e.g. Extent **