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WinDeed SearchInsure

SearchInsure is a service unique to Lexis WinDeed which will keep an eye on Deeds Office Person/Property, Director and Company Searches for a period of 90 days from the date the search was done. If there are key changes within that period, we will let you know.
SearchInsure requires no activation – it is automatically enabled when you perform a Deeds Office Person/Property, Company or Director Search. When a change to property ownership at the Deeds Office, or the Director or Company’s profile is triggered at CIPC, you will be sent a SearchInsure notification* with WinDeed’s Notification service and email.
SearchInsure monitors the following data;
Company Profile (CIPC)
  • Change in status, name and type of the company and its directors
  • New directors appointed

Director Profile (CIPC)

  • Change in status, name and type of the company (for active directorships only)
  • Change in status, name and type of the directorship
  • New directorships
Deeds Office Person
  • Change in ownership – new ownership registered, owner removed, and ownership percentage updated
Deeds Office Property
  • Change in ownership – new ownership registered and owner removed
The SearchInsure Notification informs you of key changes that took place. In order to view an updated profile of the subject, you will have to do a search. A summary of the registered changes will show at the top of the new report**. A change summary will only show if the new search was done from the SearchInsure Notification (email or Notifications page). The change summary will be visible for 10 days.

Take Note:

  • Searches that resulted in a ‘not found’ response will not benefit from SearchInsure
  • SearchInsure is limited to the registrar(s) selected on the original Deeds Office search
  • Will not SearchInsure on Interdicts and Bonds registered on the person or property searched
  • Should not be used to replace searches during final black booking phase of the registration process
* The SearchInsure offering requires no activation and SearchInsure notifications are enabled by default. You do have the option to manually disable SearchInsure notifications but can re-enable it at any time to benefit from this service. Notification settings can be edited under Settings – accessible from the Notifications page.
**A search from a SearchInsure Notification received on or after 27 May 2015.