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The WorldCompliance™ search delivers industry-leading information from the global LexisNexis database, accessing detailed information on more individuals and entities than any other provider.

What is the WorldCompliance™ Search?

It’s always important to know who you’re doing business with. Not only is vetting a legal requirement, but all government organisations and businesses should have in place checks to ensure they don’t engage with any person/company listed on sanctions and watchlists.

LexisNexis WorldCompliance™ allows users to perform initial due diligence by screening potential clients, agents and business partners through an industry-leading database. Containing more than 2.5 million detailed profiles, the database helps clients detect individuals, organisations and vessels linked to more than 50 risk categories including Sanctions, Foreign Officials, and State Owned Enterprises.

As we navigate a world of uncertainty, minimising risk while taking advantage of business opportunities in a dynamic environment, is key to survival.

The search provides more data points per profile than any other provider; including a full summary of intelligence, connections to relevant family members, business partners and more. As a user, you have access to robust financial intelligence from over 30,000 trusted and reputable sources from our single interface.

How to perform a WorldCompliance™ Search
  1. To perform a WorldCompliance™ search, select ‘WorldCompliance™’ under the ‘Person’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. A list of search results that matches the search criteria provided will be displayed and you will only be charged once per enquiry.
  3. Input forename and surname of search subject (we recommend also using date of birth for the best chance of a successful result).
  4. Locate the subject on the list and select which result you would like to search, view and/or print.

* For detailed information on this search and interpreting the result, download the WorldCompliance Reference Guide.