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WinDeed Property Report

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The WinDeed Property Report is a Comparative Market Analysis tool including comparable sales information including registered sales, sales pending registration and properties listed for sale.

The WinDeed Property Report provides all the information you expect from a Deeds Office property search, and much more.

This search comes from the WinDeed database and can be performed by locating the property on a map or by supplying street and property details as search criteria.

A WinDeed Property Report may return the following information:

Deeds Office Property Description and Street Address

Information registered at the Deeds Office that includes the official property description and extent.

Maps *

Map view and aerial imagery.

Comparable Sales *

Information includes registered sales, sales pending registration and properties for sale.

Suburb Trends *

The number of sales and average sales price of properties within the suburb.

Owner Information

Information about the registered owners of the property.

Bonds and Other Documents

Information on all bonds and other documents registered against the property.

Amenities and Points of Interest *

Places of interest and convenience closest to the property.

Municipal Valuation *

Valuation details provided by the relevant municipality (when available), representing the market value assessed for rates purposes as at the date of valuation.


Historical transactions relating to the property since 2002 (e.g. bonds, transfers and other endorsements).

Configuration *

Information includes number of rooms, finishes etc.

WinDeed Property Report available on iPad!

WinDeed Lite is a mobile version of the WinDeed Property Report for the iPad.It’s easy to find a property with the search options available:

• Search for a property by locating it on the map
• Search for a property by providing street/property details (advanced search)

To locate a property, zoom to the area where the property is situated and select it, alternatively, the iPad can pick up your current location for the search criterion.In addition to viewing all of the information about the property there and then on your tablet, you can also email the report or access it again later when you are back at your office through your desktop interface, www.windeedsearch.co.za.

The WinDeed Property Report is available at lite.windeed.co.za and www.windeedsearch.co.za.

WinDeed Lite currently works with iPad and other specific internet browsers (IE9, Chrome and Firefox).
WinDeed Lite is only available to registered WinDeed customers.
WinDeed Lite will be available on other tablet devices soon!

* Will be included when available

NB: The WinDeed Property Report results come from the WinDeed database. If your search results are going to be used for any legal purpose, it is suggested that you back up your search with live Deeds Office Property searches.