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XDS Trace

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XDS provides an economical Trace search to assist in tracking down an individual.

The XDS Trace provides an additional source of contact information to trace an individual for one of the following reasons:

  • Tracing by a Credit Provider/Agent
  • Fraud, Corruption or Theft Investigation
  • Fraud Detection and Fraud Prevention
  • Unclaimed funds distribution

The search can be made based on these flexible search criteria options:

  • ID Number/Passport
  • Personal details
  • Contact details

An XDS Trace result may contain the following information:

  • Consumer Detail
  • Judgments
  • Address History
  • Telephone History
  • Employment History
  • Email History

How to perform a XDS Trace
  1. Select ‘XDS Trace’ under the ‘Credit Bureau’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. Supply required search criteria and select ‘Next’.
  3. Select one of the Prescribed Purposes for tracing and select ‘Proceed’. You will receive a list of possible matches based on the criteria supplied.
  4. Select the correct person from the list and select ‘Search’.
Please note: There is no charge if XDS does not know about the individual and it does not appear in the list. If the name is on the list, this means that XDS has some information on that person and it is a chargeable search (regardless of how much or how little information is provided).

XDS Trace is a credit bureau search, requiring WinCredit activation to make searches. Please visit our WinCredit Application page for more information.

LexisNexis Risk Management (1990/004046/07) is a registered credit bureau (NCRCB26).