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This unique search provides an in-depth property ownership profile on a person or company, from the WinDeed database. Only available from Lexis WinDeed!

What is the WinDeed Spider Search?

The WinDeed Spider Search is an in-depth property ownership profile on a person or company, from the WinDeed database.

  • This is a national search – you don’t need to query each Deeds Office to get a complete ownership picture.
  • The report shows properties that are currently owned by the person or company in addition to a historical record of previously owned properties*.

The WinDeed Spider Search has another unique feature – the concept of Associated People and Companies. This means that your report will highlight property ownership information found through other channels:

  • CIPC: The search includes CIPC data, showing where the person you are searching on is an active director of a company that owns, or has owned property.
  • Antenuptial Contracts: ANC’s are registered at the Deeds Office. If WinDeed has a record of an ANC against a person’s name and can identify the other party to the Contract, and that person owns or has owned property, this information will also be listed.
  • Co-ownership: If the person you are searching on co-owns property with another party, that party’s name will also be shown.

How to perform a Spider search
  1. To perform a Spider search, select ‘Spider’ under the ‘Person’ offering on the search Menu.
  2. WinDeed will return a list of results that matches the search criteria provided (recommend searching by ID number or registration number if available).
  3. Locate the subject on the list and select ‘Search’ to perform a Spider search on that person or company.

* The Spider search result will yield up to 100 currently owned properties and 100 previously owned properties.  For comprehensive ownership information in excess of 100 properties, contact the Lexis WinDeed support team (0861 946 333) for a quotation.

Customers most likely to benefit from this search are those who make property searches for forensic tracing purposes or any credit assessment process.

NB: The Spider Search is not a live search directly to the Deeds Office – the results come from the WinDeed database, comprised of property ownership data compiled from various data sources. If your search results are going to be used for any legal purpose, it is suggested that you validate the data in your search result with live Deeds Office Property Searches.