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Lexis WinDeed Price List

Effective  25 March 2022
incl. VAT
excl. VAT
Deeds Office
Searches from 1 - 500 per month * R20.85 R23.98
Searches from 501 - 1000 per month * R19.57 R22.50
Searches from 1001 - 1500 per month * R18.72 R21.52
Searches from 1501 - 2500 per month * R17.89 R20.58
Over 2500 searches per month * R17.51 R20.14
The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (also known as the Deeds Office) charges for every query to their database. This includes searches with the result of “Not Found” since, for many searches, “Not Found” is a meaningful result.
Director Report R14.18 R 16.31
Company Report R 14.18 R 16.31
VAT Number R 15.45 R 17.77
Spider Search * R127.34 R146.44
Bank Account Verification * R 10.42 R 11.96
Home Affairs ID Verification Search * R 13.84 R 15.92
Home Affairs Photo ID Verification New! R 20.57 R 23.66
World Compliance * R 31.12 R 35.79
WinDeed Alerts (per company / individual watch per month) R 1.00 R 1.15
Trust Search New! R 16.00 R 18.40
Trust Search - No Result R 9.00 R 10.35
Trust Search - No Trustees R 8.00 R 9.20
WinDeed Property Report R14.50 R16.68
WinDeed Database Property Search * R13.09 R15.05
Deeds Office Transfer (per line) R14.05 R16.16
Street Address to Erf / Scheme Conversion R10.64 R12.24
Erf / Scheme to Street Address Conversion R10.64 R12.24
Automated Valuation Report: Full R135.00 R155.25
Automated Valuation Report: Short R99.00 R113.85
Map View (accessible for 30 days) R8.24 R9.48
WinDeed Alerts (per property watch per month) R 1.00 R 1.15
DOTS (Deeds Office Tracking System) * R20.85 R23.98
Deeds Office Document Copy (per document) R98.31 R113.06
Surveyor-General Diagram (per image) R6.97 R8.02
WinDeed Database Document Search * R13.09 R15.05
DOTS ADT (Automated Document Tracking) - 30 days of tracking, auto-renewable R213.97 R246.07
Credit Bureau
TransUnion Consumer Profile * R45.59 R52.43
TransUnion Trace R17.58 R20.22
TransUnion ID Verification * R18.46 R21.23
TransUnion Business Trade on File R137.20 R157.78
TransUnion Business Statutory Detail on File R40.52 R46.60
TransUnion Business Subject Default R136.54 R157.02
TransUnion Business Principal Detail R35.78 R41.15
TransUnion Business Enquiry History R119.56 R137.49
TransUnion Business Bank on File R34.67 R39.87
TransUnion Business Dynamic Rating/SME Assessment (includes Scan on File) R381.95 R439.24
TransUnion Deed on File R65.43 R75.24
TransUnion Scan on File R232.57 R267.46
TransUnion Business Profile R232.57 R267.46
Experian Business Profile R252.47 R290.34
Experian Consumer Profile * R41.18 R47.36
Compuscan Consumer Profile * R32.36 R37.21
Compuscan Trace * R9.20 R10.58
TPN (Tenant Profile Network) * R38.77 R44.59
XDS Trace R11.52 R13.25
XDS Consumer Trace R27.18 R31.26
XDS Consumer Profile * R45.59 R52.43
VeriCred Contact Information * R7.00 R8.05
WinDeed Alerts - (individual watch per month) R11.56 R13.29
TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry * R36.33 R41.78
Vehicle Search - Person Vehicle Ownership ** * R165.37 R190.18
Vehicle Search - Vehicle Details ** * R165.37 R190.18
Vehicle Search - Vehicle Ownership History ** * R165.37 R190.18
* Standard rate applies to ‘ Not found’ and ‘No result’.
** Access restricted

Pricing will be adjusted on an annual basis during the first quarter of each calendar year.  Notwithstanding annual price increases, in the event that LexisNexis’s costs in relations to any Service increases as a result in changes in legislation or regulation, an order of court, or increase of levies imposed by a government department or data provider, LexisNexis reserves the right to increase the fees in respect of that Service, with advance notice.

Last Updated 10 May 2022