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Lexis WinDeed Search Vouchers

Register as an individual with Lexis WinDeed and start searching immediately using Lexis WinDeed Search Vouchers.

How do I get going?

After completing your Lexis WinDeed registration, you will receive an email asking to verify your email address and to set a password.

After your email address is verified, you can login to search.windeed.co.za, purchase a Search Voucher and start searching!

Getting started is easy!

How do I buy a Search Voucher?

There are 3 ways to purchase a Search Voucher to make your searches:

  1. Click on the Login to Buy Voucher button after your email validation is successful.
  2. Click on Buy Voucher located in the top menu bar on search.windeed.co.za.
  3. After inserting the search criteria of your chosen search and clicking Search, follow the payment prompts to finalise your Search Voucher payment.

Search Vouchers are available by credit card/debit card payment only (microchipped debit cards with CVV numbers accepted).

Which Search Voucher do I choose?

Search Vouchers are available in the following values: R20, R50, R100, R200 and Other.

It’s important to note that the value deducted from your Search Voucher will be the search price including VAT. Please ensure you purchase the correct Search Voucher that will cover the total price of your search.

To ensure you have the correct value for your Search Voucher, please check the latest Lexis WinDeed price list.

Search Vouchers are also customisable for values over R20. This may be useful if you know exactly what search you are making and would like to add your own calculated amount. It is important to ensure you have included VAT in your search value calculation, as VAT will be deducted from your voucher total.

Important notes:

  • Search Vouchers are available by credit card/debit card payment only (microchipped debit cards with CVV numbers accepted).
  • Customisable Search Vouchers must have a minimum value of R20 (no amount under R20 is accepted).
  • Vouchers are not transferable.
  • Remaining balances after making your search(es) will remain on your Lexis WinDeed account; however, balances are non-refundable. To see the balance on your account, log in to search.windeed.co.za, click on your username in the upper right hand corner and the balance will be included in the information provided.
Do you need access to Credit Searches?

An additional registration process is required for access to Credit Bureau searches. Complete the WinCredit Registration Form; alternatively contact the WinDeed Support team on 0861 946 333 to receive a form.

Email the completed form with additional NCA documentation to windeed.admin@lexisnexis.co.za for processing and verification (normally takes approximately 2 working days).

Do you need some help to make a search?

Helpful Hints


‘LESS IS MORE’ is the rule when performing a search. For example, if you are not sure of the spelling of a first name, just enter the initial and Lexis WinDeed will provide possible matches from which you can select the correct person.

Click here for more Search Tips

The Lexis WinDeed Tips Guide may also assist in an overview of the searches and helpful hints for searching.